paintings a place of souls


Can you feel me . Do you recognize your surroundings.

When ever i stand alone i am connected to souls in nature, removed, well away from attachment.

The first three works below, where created during  2009  Diploma of Visual Art and Craft.

these works stand apart displaying natures own strength , a different type of momentum where a silent environment projects a remote , silence, to awake the esoteric soul.

place of souls 1  by Petra Sohns Didion    Watercolour


place of  souls 2 by Petra Sohns Didion  Watercolour

place of  souls 3 by Petra Sohns Didion    Acrylic on Board


place of  souls 4 by  Petra Sohns Didion   Watercolour

place of  souls 5 by  Petra Sohns Didion  ink & acrylic on canvas

place where the soul rests  by Petra Sohns Didion   Watercolour and Ink