Art A live

                                                              P.S,Didion,afterglow,January   collection from the creatures of the forrest 

                                                                                             P.S,Didion,sharp edges,August10 

                                                                                                P.S,Didion, bloodline,August10

   P.S,Didion, planet of splendor,memorial april10 










   P.S,Didion, coat of vessel,april10


   P,S,Didion,Bed Event,june10 


   P.S,Didion, weight lifted,feb10

   P.S,Didion, forgotten things,april 09 


   P.S,Didon,collections,fluxus mar09

   P.S,Didion, space in place,fluxus mar09


P.S,Didion,Cobra travel agent 09,installation Kwinana beach WA, handmade cobra sculpture

( A whole series  from the Cobra travel agent 09 is recorded at 8 different location in Perth WA, all locations have been authorized by the proprietor of the proporties)


Work on this page is all Original and handmade with occasional found objects by the Artist

Installations and Sculptures

copywright  by Petra Sohns Didion